Delete job seeker account

You can delete your job seeker account on Jobbnorge at any time you want.


Once you are signed in to the account that you want to delete, go to:

  • My profile in the menu to the left
  • Scroll down until you find "Delete account"
  • Click on "Delete the account now"
  • Confirm that you want to delete the account by:
    1. check the box that says: "I hereby confirm that I wish to delete my account in Jobbnorge"
    2. click "Delete account"


If you have sent applications through the system that are still active, these will not be deleted even if you delete your account. The employer will communicate with you directly through your email.

NOTE: If your Jobbnorge account has been inactive for a long time (over 3 years), the account will be automatically deleted. Prior to deletion, a notice is sent to you (the applicant), giving you the opportunity to re-activate your account by logging in.
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