Problems opening files from employer

Attachements in messages and other files from employers, for instance list of applicatns, are available in PDF-format. If you're having problems opening the list it might be because of one of the following reasons: 

  1. You don't have software to open PDF-files installed. Applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader, FoxIt Reader and Microsoft Word 2016 to name a few can open PDF-files. Browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge can open PDF-files directly.
  2. You have software to open PDF-files installed, but still can't open the list of applicants. This might be because of your browser not identifying the list as a PDF-file. This problem usually occurs with the browser Internet Explorer. We recommend that you try one of the above mentioned browsers.
  3. You are logged on to a network or VPN that restricts access to parts of, including attachments. Contact your local IT-administrator, or try logging in to your Jobseeker account from a device which is not a part of this network. For instance, a smartphone on the ordinary telecommunications network.

 If you're still having problems, please contact customer support at


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