How to upload attachments

In "My attachments" in your jobseeker account you can upload attachments for job applications. You can also choose which type of document your attachment is, so help the employer find the information they're looking for.

Please note that attachments uploaded to "My attachments" is not automatically added to your job application. When sending a job application you will need to choose which attachments to include in your application.


The following rules apply for uploading attachments:

  • The maximum total file size for attachments are 50 MB.
  • Allowed file types are: .jpg .jpeg .png .doc .docx .pdf. 
  • The file name can not contain these symbols: & ' < > ° \" , 

If one of more of your attachments are too large vi recommend you to see our instructions for compressing the files for reducing the file size.

Still not enough space for your attachments? See alternate methods of storing them here.

If one of your attachments are password protected or corrupt it will not be possible to upload it. Read more.

If you have submitted an application and wish to add or remove attachments you can see instructions on how to update your application here.



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