Import CV from another recruitment system

Portable CV gives you the opportunity to export your CV-information from one recruitment system to another. Jobbnorge supports Portable CV, and will save you for a lot of time and work when you want to apply for a position.

Personal information, education and work experience is the information that is exchanged with Portable CV.

Step 1: Export CV from another system supporting Portable CV

  1. Log in to your account on said system
  2. Choose Portable CV and accept the conditions
  3. Export CV
  4. A .zip-file will now download to your computer. Do not attempt to this open file, as this might corrupt it

(instructions may differ depending on the system you're exporting from)

Step 2: Importing your CV to Jobbnorge

  1. Log in to your Jobseeker account
  2. Under "My CVs", click "import CV" and follow the instructions.


Please note that it is not possible to import CVs that is not in Portable CV-format.

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