Exempt from public access

The clause of exemption gives the right, but not the obligation, to refuse access to documents relating to employment in the public service, see Freedom of Information Act § 25.  In Jobbnorge, applicants will be given the opportunity to request to be exempt from public access, but it is up to the employer to determine whether the request shall be approved or not.

To check if you, in your application, have asked to be exempt from public access:

  • Log in as a jobseeker.
  • Go to «Sent applications».
  • Press the «eye»-icon on the right side to view your application.
  • If you have requested to be exempt from public access, this will be listed under «Application».  

When distributing public search lists the name will be excluded. The only information that will be available for the other applicants is the gender. At the expanded search list, the full name and other information about the candidate is available for the other applicants, but it is clearly marked that this particular candidate is exempt for public access. If the applicant's desire to be exempt from public access is not approved by the employer, the applicant will be notified so that he/she can withdraw the application.

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