Update submitted application

Follow these instructions to update an application before the deadline

1. Go to "Sent applications" in you Jobseekers profile to find the application you wish to update.

2. Under options, click to update it.


This will allow you to make changes to your application that will replace your original application.

You will not appear multiple times on the candidate list as the original application will be automatically withdrawn and replaced by the new application. The employer will always receive the latest version of your application.

After the deadline you will have to contact the employer if you want to edit an already submitted application.

Please make note that if you apply for several jobs at the same time, the "Paste most recently used application text"-button might paste an application text from a different application than the one you want to update. If this happens you are able to find the original application text in "sent applications" in your jobseekers account.








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