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It is not possible to edit a submitted application, but before the deadline you can submit as many applications you want for the same position. By following the instructions in this article, you won't have to write the application all over again just to make some changes. This is useful if you need to change the application text or CV, answer the questions again or add/remove attachments.


1. Find the job vacancy text and click "Apply for this job". 

2. After proceeding, you will now see this message in the top of the website.


This is to confirm that by sending a new application you will replace the previous. 

3. In step 2 (Application text) you have the possibility to paste the most recently used application text with this button, unless the text was copied in automatically.


4. Proceed with the application as normal. You can change the application text (step 2), information (step 3), CV (step 4) and attachments (step 5) before sending the application again in the final step.

5. After sending the application, you will receive a confirmation that the application is received to the mailbox in your jobseekers account. You can also review the application under "sent applications".  


You will not appear multiple times on the candidate list as the previous application will be automatically withdrawn and replaced by the new application. The employer will thus always receive the latest version of your application.

After the deadline you will have to contact the employer if you want to edit an already submitted application.

Please make note that if you apply for several jobs at the same time, the "Paste most recently used application text"-button might paste an application text from a different application than the one you want to update. If this happens you are able to find the original application text in "sent applications" in your jobseekers account.








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