Register a CV

Log in to your profile at Jobbnorge with your registered email address and password.

You have two options to register your CV .

  • Click on «My CVs» in the left menu.
  • By applying to a position. (In addition to the standard form, it now appears 2 other forms, depending on whether you are seeking juridical or academic positions). Note that it is the employer itself that determines which form is related to the position.

If you do not want to complete your application , please click «Cancel» at the bottom of the page you are on. You can later retrieve this application under «Unsent applications». Here you can go to finish your application, or delete it if you wish to. 

As soon as you have filled out a resume, it will pop up a new tab in the left menu under «My CVs». Here you will find the different forms you have used during your job search and you can edit these at any time.

If you have you applied for a job with the standard application form, you can find this under «My CVs». 

Once logged in to «My Page», you will find the option «My application text» in the left menu. You will get an opportunity to create a general application text that you can change from time to time to fit the individual position. 

Remember that the CV is reusable and can be used to apply for several positions. By completing the registration of your CV, you will have the opportunity to preview and print it. 

CV and application text is only available to you as a job applicant and the employer that you have chosen to send your application to.

What is authorisation?

If you have an authorisation from government for a regulated profession you can register it in your CV. The authorisation is issued by the authority that is responsible for the relevant profession. Here is a list of the professions who needs authorisation or recognition in Norway.

What is commisions?

The system asks for details about previous commissions you have had. A commission is if you have had an organizational position, for instance as a leader/member of a board. Not necessarily a paid job, but you have had some sort of administrational/organizational duties.

What is courses?

Courses refers to any relevant courses you might have attended, that is not a part of your formal education. For example, a small course in first aid.

If you have attended any relevant courses, please fill this in under "Courses" in the left menu.

What is references?

In your CV, you can register references. This is one or more persons who can vouch for your qualifications if asked by employers you send job applications to. A professional reference can be a former employer or colleague, a client, supervisor or university professor to mention some examples. We advise you to ask permission from the persons you wish to register as a professional reference before applying jobs.

 If you have a written testimonial from a previous employer, you can upload it as one of your attachments.

What is period of notice?

The period of notice is the time period between the receipt of the letter of dismissal and the end of the last working day. It also refers to the period between resignation date and last working day in the company when an employee resigns. This period is registered in the amount of months.

What is national service duration?

The amount of months spent in the Norwegian mandatory military service.


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