Publish CV

When you publish your CV in the CV database you make it searchable for chosen employers.

Log in to your profile with email and password (Assuming you are a registered user and that you have filled in a CV form). In the left menu you will find «My CVs». Click on «Publish CV». 

In the form, fill in:

  • Brief description of your qualifications
  • Choose which employer(s) that you want to publish your CV to
  • What you want to work with
  • Where in Norway you want to work
  • Click «Save». 

Your CV is now searchable for the chosen employer(s).
Follow the same procedure for «Publishing options» if you want to extend the publication of your CV.

NOTE: You can remove your published CV at any time (undo the publication of the CV). You do this by clicking "Remove published CV" under "publishing options", which you find under "My CVs" in the left side menu.

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